Economic Enhancement Committee



Chris Duke, Senior Associate, Becker Morgan Group, Inc.

Chris Locke, General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Lang Development

Meeting location

Newark Senior Center


Carol Boncelet, Mary Ellen Gray, Donna Hoke, Bryan Horsey, Roy Lopata, Lee Mikles, and Max Walton

The Economic Enhancement Committee (EEC) shall be responsible for taking on and fostering the economic growth and welfare of the City. The EEC shall be responsible for merchant promotion, providing land use recommendations, fostering job creation, and for all business development activities of the Corporation. The EEC will identify and support partnership programs to attract, retain and expand businesses, maintain up- to-date information on building sites and other key variables impacting business location and growth, develop and disseminate marketing materials and services on business and economic development opportunities. The EEC will support for downtown Newark economic prosperity within the context of a broader definition of the downtown area and its interdependence with the overall economic development of the city. Its members shall be merchants, entities, and other persons currently or that intend to prospectively do business in or with the City.